Announcing the  2023 Keeper of the Keys


Jace and Marie Turner

The Turners came to the Black Forest in 2000 and became active immediately. This family can always be counted on to show up for Community Club workdays, including helping with the Black Forest Festival and Seedling Tree distributions. Jace helped with the sandblasting and refinishing the logs, building the new deck and French drain around the Community Club building. Marie and Jace have been essential volunteers at the various community events offered by the club.

The Turners have managed to go unnoticed by most, but many people in his area would find their snowy driveways plowed by a ’78 Dodge Power Wagon. Jace jokes with homeowners saying “I’m practicing at your place because I’ve never done this before”. Older Black Foresters certainly appreciated his “practicing”! Jace is sort of telling the truth about “practicing” in the snow because his youth was spent near the ocean with body surfing, scuba diving, and sailing as his hobbies.

Jace shares Marie’s passion for horses, and before the Black Forest wildfire, they were both very active members of and volunteers for the Kit Carson Riding Club. In 2013 their lives changed. Although they were able to rescue their 5 horses from the wildfire (the two mares died shortly after from smoke inhalation and stress), their property – including that Dodge Power Wagon – was a total loss. Marie and Jace have since been an important link within the Black Forest wildfire victim community and assist other fire victims whenever possible, many of whom are still struggling. The couple is highly instrumental in continuing our community’s annual Fire Remembrance Ceremony, ensuring that educational speakers and materials are present to lessen the probability and/or severity of potential future wildfires.

Jace finished art and flight school and attended Pratt Institute in New York for architectural engineering. With a commercial pilot’s license, he has flown both passengers and freight. He has won national and international awards for his work as a sculptor, exhibiting his work in the Soho arts district of New York City and with the National Sculpture Society. Locally Jace won an award at the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts in Palmer Lake with a large wall sculpture. Marie earned her Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University and worked as a consultant to major pharmaceutical companies and AT&T.  It is noteworthy that she was one of very few women working in the computer science field “back in the day”. The couple happily raised their son who earned his Eagle Scout and has recently retired from the Air Force.  They are also licensed foster care parents.

The Turners say they love the Black Forest for the sense of community that is here. They appreciate that people here are friendly and willing to go the extra mile for one another.


2023 Counselor of the Keys


Mack Sharp

Mack became a resident of Colorado Springs in 1991 and has been part of the Black Forest Community since 2004.

Mack served in the Army for 25 years, then as a federal employee with the Air Force Space Command for over 15 more. Mack currently serves on a dance club board as Membership and Entertainment Chair. In addition, he serves on his Home Owners’ Association as Secretary and also served on a the same HOA as Budget Chair. Mack is currently an amateur dance Disc Jockey (DJ) and a substitute teacher for District 49.

Mack promotes wellness and community in the Black Forest by hosting Line Dancing classes at the Community Center on a donation-only basis. Mack donates all the money he raises from his line dancing classes to the Community Club. He raised over $5,000 that went toward replacing the roof and is currently raising funds for the “Love the Logs” project to restain and restore the logs of the Black Forest Community Center. Mack also volunteered during the 2021 Black Forest Festival and hosted line dancing demos, which were a great addition to the festival demos.

Mack currenltly serves as President of the Black Forest Community Club. Previously he served as a Board Member and Vice President.  His goal on the Board is to help maintain the joys of the Black Forest and allow others to enjoy them as well. This is his family retirement home and he wants to enjoy our beautiful community while also serving it.

Mack has been married to his bride, Yong, for 47 years and was blessed with two sons (having lost one last June due to injuries incurred while deployed in Afghanistan). He has a daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren living in Colorado Springs. Mack and Young enjoy Ballroom Dancing, Line Dancing and various Latin Dances.