Black Forest Festival Outhouse Races

Saturday, August 12th

Begins immediately following the parade

The Black Forest Festival Outhouse Races are a local favorite!

According to a source cited by the Black Forest Community Club, the races date back to 1976 when those that lived in Black Forest wanted to host a watermelon feed in a nearby empty lot. “The problem with the site was with all the beer and watermelon that would be consumed, there would be a dire need for toilets.” This was when someone suggested that they move the two outhouses, which had served the community center for years, to the location of the celebration.
And the Black Forest Outhouse Races were born!

It’s FREE to participate in the Outhouse Races; however, a $25 refundable deposit is required upon sign-up.
The number of entries will be limited for safety and timing considerations, and the BFCC Board reserves the right of denying unsafe or inappropriate entries.