3rd Annual Black Forest Biergarten Fundraiser

Friday, August 6th, 2021

6:00pm – 9:00pm
Black Forest Community Center
12530 Black Forest Road

The Biergarten is a great time and for a great cause as all proceeds go toward the community club’s roof fund.

We had such a great time at the 3rd Annual Black Forest Biergarten Fundraiser. All proceeds went toward the
“Raise the Roof” campaign to help provide a desperately needed new roof to the Black Forest Community Center.

The Black Forest Community Center is a log-building that was built by the community in 1924 and still stands at the corner of Black Forest and Shoup Roads. The Community Center has been the site of many events over the years, including concerts, weddings, dinners, holiday celebrations, craft fairs, and the Black Forest Festival.  We hope you can attend the Black Forest Biergarten, you will have a great time while helping to maintain a pivotal force in the heart of our community.

We had a selection of beers, meads, ciders, and even wines from local breweries to sample. We were excited to have Pikes Peak Brewing Company, Black Forest Meadery, JAKs Brewing Company, Lost Friend Brewing Company, Storybook Brewing, Black Forest Brewing Co, Goat Patch Brewing Con and Evergood Elixirs!

Our musical entertainment for the evening was Wirewood Station, champs of the “Best Acoustic Band in Colorado” at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival as well as winning the “Best Band in Colorado Springs” by the readers of the Gazette for 3 years in a row!

It was a great evening out in the beautiful Black Forest with drinks, music, and food.

Our SOLD OUT tickets included:

  • Souvenir Beer Sampler Glass
  • Unlimited Beer Samples
  • Musical Entertainment
  • Large Pretzel from Styria Bakery
  • Bottled Water
  • Unlimited Popcorn

Special thanks to the Black Forest Chew-Chew Gastrotruck, Styria Bakery II, and Colorado Springs Rugby Team for their support of this event!

We hope to see you next year!

Thank you for supporting the Black Forest Biergarten!

Our winery is nestled in the Black Forest Colorado. The company was created in 2007, and our sons help in the planting of the vines. Black Forest Meadery is a winery that is 100% Colorado. Everything we sell is made here in Colorado. From wine to cheese, we have everything you need. We invite you to come out to enjoy our sunsets with friends and family. 

We established our Monument, Colorado brewery in 2011 as a place for our community to connect and come together. At Pikes Peak Brewing, we believe the best beers are ones shared with friends and we hope that wherever you find a Pikes Peak Beer, it finds you in good company.

Our vintner has been making wines from lemons, not grapes, for over 10 years. When we launched as a business in January 2018, he named our winery Evergood Elixirs. An elixir is a liquid “capable of remedying an ill or difficulty.”

While alcohol can tear down, we want our wines to build up.

It is our hope that you enjoy our wines with good friends and healthy families, those who truly know and support the real you, as you together celebrate shared adventure. 

At JAKs, we draw our traditions from two great Air Force legacies, those of the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron (26 SAS) and the 310thBombardment Group (today, the 310th Space Wing) in which our founders proudly served. So, while JAKs makes “Aggressive Beer for Aggressive Beer Drinkers,” we are unapologetically family-focused, community-oriented, and proud of our roots. We show it in our emblem, our motto, the images on our walls, our never-ending quest to brew and serve the perfect pint, and our desire to share it all with you.

We want the Lost Friend Brewing Company to be your neighborhood brewery, even if you don’t actually live in our neighborhood. We work hard to make quality beer that appeals to people from all walks of life. We pride ourselves on being very dog friendly, though we also welcome other well-behaved, leashed pets.We aim for you to be able to enjoy our beer and bring in a friend who doesn’t drink beer; we’ll have something to change their mind. Through it all we will stay grounded with a solid foundation and passion for the science of brewing, and having a true community conscience. 

Storybook Brewing is a Colorado Springs based nano brewery with a 15 barrel brew house. All of our beers are hand crafted with the freshest ingredients. We may be into fantasy, but we use real ingredients. Our Story begins with balanced classics like a porter or kölsch while using innovating techniques and ingredients to keep it interesting.

Both dream and reality: As a local family business, Storybook Brewing could never have happened without the help of family and friends. After all, what is beer if you cannot share it with friends and family.

Black Forest Brewing Company began with a passion for brewing and a love of community. We are proud to be a truly local brewery where you can bring your whole family to enjoy new things around familiar faces. At the Black Forest Brewing Co., you’ll find pieces of the Black Forest in everything we do – whether it’s from our bar shelves – handcrafted from reclaimed wood from the Black Forest Fire – or from the local ingredients in our brews which we get from local farmers and businesses. 

We are proud to call the Black Forest home, and we invite you to gather with us. 

Named after the facial hair style of our head brewer, Goat Patch Brewing Company is a production brewery offering a balanced variety of brews in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Goat Patch Brewing Company started like all great ideas – good friends with a common passion sitting around a kitchen table. Before a name, location, recipes, or brand identity, we all agreed on a shared set of values: balanced brews, community engagement, and adventure. We are proud to play a large part in our community and provide Colorado Springs with masterfully crafted, balanced brews.

BEST FOOD TRUCK2017, 2018, 2019!

The Black Forest Chew-Chew is a locally owned Gastrotruck offering weekly changing menus featuring International Comfort Food as well as catering for off-site events.

We are a family owned and operated bakery. We primarily sell our baked goods at farmers markets and festivals. We make about 15 kinds of bread, Bavarian pretzels, sticky buns, apple strudel, stollen, scones, and an amazing bread dipping sauce. Hand made gourmet breads from Styria Bakery are made with a natural starter, reducing the need of commercial yeast and any number of preservatives added by other bakeries.

What do you get when you put a Classical Violinist (now fiddle player), a couple of  Bluegrass Guitarists and a Jazz Bassist in the same room… Award winning WireWood Station!  This eclectic group of musicians are the reigning champs of the “Best Acoustic Band in Colorado” at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival as well as winning the “Best Band in Colorado Springs” by the readers of the Gazette for 3 years in a row!

The Colorado Springs Rugby Football Club will be providing security and crowd control at the Biergarten. The Club was formed in 1969 and adopted the ‘Grizzlies’ as its mascot.  The club has a long and proud history – including winning the 2017/8 Rocky Mountain Men’s Championship – and in 2019 we celebrated our 50th year. 

The club proudly trains and plays hard and has a lot of fun away from the pitch.