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COVID19 Update: Festival planning is moving forward with a festival date of August 15, 2020. We will make a final determination on July 25th, based upon CDC guidelines and the existing goverment mandates at that time, whether or not the festival will occur. If the festival is cancelled due to COVID-19 mandates, all payments for booth rentals and sponsorships will be refunded in full. If you know you would like to be a sponsor, please click here for more information.

Black Forest Festival, August 15!

The Black Forest community in partnership with the Black Forest Community Club is excited to announce the Black Forest Festival will take place on August 15, 2020. The festival is a longstanding tradition in the community and has been held in the Black Forest for over 40 years.

The festival offers an entire day filled with family-friendly events and activities, including a parade, local farm displays, petting zoo, hands-on fun for the kids, live music, and more. Net proceeds from the Black Forest Festival will benefit local charities and non-profit organizations.

The theme for this year’s festival is We Are Black Forest, because in the Forest we are neighbors, we are supportive, we are creative, we are strong, we are stewards of the forest, we are community, and we are so much more.

The festival activities and events will highlight the many traits that make the Black Forest special.The festival will also showcase live music from the USAFA Wild Blue Country Band and food from local food trucks and neighboring restaurants.

Free parking is available and multiple shuttle stops will be offered to ensure that everyone can easily get to the festival.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Thank you so much to local Black Forest resident, Brandie Bartlett, for creating the logo for this year’s Black Forest Festival. The logo well represents the theme for this year’s Festival “We Are Black Forest,” and we are proud to use this logo as we continue to move forward with planning for the festival.