Hoop House Demonstration Garden Fundraiser

The Black Forest Community has deep roots and a long standing rich history. The Community is growing and families of all ages are moving into the area. The Black Forest Community Center (BFCC) prides itself on the family friendly traditional events that they sponsor year after year.

The Black Forest Community Center expanded its property in 2016 with The Backyard and hosted an open air Farmer’s Market every weekend throughout the summer of 2020. It has been a huge success. We would like to bring another feature to our Backyard with our Demonstration Garden

Many people in the Black Forest are challenged with gardening in our high altitude and climate. Garden enthusiasts and those that are eager to learn can participate in our Victory Garden Hoop Houses, but first we need to build them.

Will you sponsor a part of our hoop house garden? Can you donate a few dollars to get this project off to a good start so we can begin growing this spring? We have a goal of raising $1234.00 in order to begin the demo with a volunteer based construction of two hoop houses:

1) Cattle Panel Raised Bed/Back to Eden Style 8ft by 8 ft, $637

2) Hail House: Back to Eden style 8ft by 10ft, $597

We’ve finished building our demonstration garden, but could still use your generous donations to help offset the costs. 

How Can You Be a Part of This?

1. Donate electronically through our GoFundMe account! 

2. Send your cash or check donations directly to:

Black Forest Community Center
P.O. Box 88034
Black Forest, CO 80908
Attn: Hoop House Demo Garden

3. Volunteer your time.

The  demo gardens will add to the activities available at the Black Forest Community Center’s Backyard. The demo gardens will be maintained by gardening volunteers for  the planting, care, and harvesting each season.  Food harvested will be given away to those in need.

To volunteer with the Black Forest Hoop House Demo Garden, please email us at WeAreBlackForestCO@gmail.com.

A special thanks goes out to the Black Forest Victory Garden Club, specifically Emmy McAllister and Paul Smith for their leadership in developing/testing designs specific to Black Forest. They also helped create the materials list and contributed photos.