Thank you Black Forest Artists!

Black Forest Festival 2020 Logo Contest Update

The Black Forest Festival is taking place on August 15, 2020. The theme for this year’s Festival is We Are Black Forest, because in the Forest we are neighbors, we are supportive, we are creative, we are agricultural, we are historical, we are strong, we are growing, we are community, and we are so much more.  We put out an open call for local Black Forest Artists to submit their logo designs for the Black Forest Festival that represents the theme We Are Black Forest.

We would like to thank local resident, Brandie Bartlett, for submitting the logo being used for this year’s festival. Brandie, her husband, and their four children have lived in the Black Forest for five years and they love the Black Forest community. Brandie states that she loves the camaraderie and the loyalty among all the members of the community.

Brandie and her husband own The Grout Doctor which provides tile and grout restoration and cleaning. You can find Brandie and her husband, Matt, during the festival in booth NG31, where you can learn more about The Grout Doctor and the services they provide.

We would like to sincerely thank all the artists that submitted their logo designs.
For any artists that may want to submit logos for future use, we have decided to leave the logo guidelines published for reference below. 

The logo will be used in a variety of ways:
-On the festival website
-In multiple print materials that will be distributed in local businesses
-Made into framed prints and given to sponsors to display in their place of business
-Used in T-shirts that will be sold during the festival to raise funds for a new roof for the Black Forest Community Center

What we are looking for:
-A logo that encompasses the theme for the 2020 festival, ‘We Are Black Forest.’ The logo can also include some of the words that stand out to the artist about why ‘We Are Black Forest.’
-Logo design will be submitted as either a high quality jpg (with a 12 compression level) or png with the following criteria:

10×10 in base canvas

300 dpi

RGB or RGBA color space

-Designs need to feature a limited color pallet. No more than 4 unique colors (shades of colors are still considered unique colors). Black and white featured on the design are included as one of the 4 colors. If black or white are a background to the design, it will not count as one of the 4 colors.
-If a design has more colors than one, a jpg or png featuring your design with one color is optional.
-If the designer desires, a written README .txt plain text(.txt) file explaining/selling your design (not to exceed 500 words) is optional.
-Submit at least 1, up to 2 images, and the optional README.txt in a compressed folder (.zip, .7zip) designs via email to, using the following naming format: Firstname_Lastname_BFF2020.

*If your logo is selected, the final version will need to be submitted as follows:
-In vector graphics format (svg, ai, eps) with a 10”x10” base canvas size image with 300dpi.
-Please send an additional version that has been exported to a pdf for viewing (10”x10”), which will need to be compressed and sent in a zip file.
-Submission of the vector and pdf file need to be submitted in a compressed folder (.zip, .7zip).

*If necessary, the design can be converted to vector art by one of the festival team. If this option is required, we will do our utmost to keep the same colors and shapes of the original design and the original designer will still receive the credit. If the festival team is required to digitize the logo, the  artist will receive credit for the logo but will not receive a free booth during the festival.

What do you get if your logo design is selected?
-The artist will receive full credit for the logo and all material created for the 2020 Black Forest Festival will recognize the artist.
-The artist will be recognized as a Gold Sponsor of the festival for services in kind (see Black Forest 2020 Festival Sponsorship Opportunities for more details).
-The artist will also receive a free booth space if they choose to exhibit during the festival.

Please submit logo designs by May 1, 2020. If your logo is selected, please have the final rendering submitted by May 15, 2020.

Contact Tiffany Coles,, with any questions.