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Saturday, October 30th

Oktoberfest Group


Saturday, October 30th

3:00pm - 6:30pm

Black Forest Community Center Pavilion

The Black Forest Community Center has been the site of Black Forest Oktoberfest celebrations for several years. Always very popular, the Black Forest Community Oktoberfest features German food, the Das Half Pint band, drinks, and dancing. Thank you so much to the Black Forest Community Club for hosting the Oktoberfest celebration at the Community Center again this year.

This year’s Oktoberfest will be outdoors from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

Join us for some live music, delicious food, and gemütlichkeit (cordiality) in the forest.
This year we will have brats, hot dogs, pretzels, chips, clementines, and dessert.
Plus hot apple cider, hot chocolate, coffee, and water!

Carved Pumpkin Contest

Saturday, October 30th


Log School Park, Black Forest Community Center

Pumpkin carving is a Halloween tradition, but living in the Forest, nobody sees your pumpkin masterpieces. On Saturday, October 30th, we are holding a Carved Pumpkin Contest alongside the Black Forest Community Oktoberfest celebration and Trunk-Or-Treat!

Bring your carved pumpkins to the Log School Park and they will be put on display with the Halloween decorations for the community to enjoy. Members of our Heritage Families will choose their favorites.

The Carved Pumpkin Contest is broken into three age groups: (1) elementary school, (2) middle and high school, and (3) adult. First place winners in each age group receive a gift card to R&R Cafe, second place receive a gift card to Lulu’s, and third place win their choice of a legacy Black Forest Festival t-shirt.

Bring your carved pumpkins to the Log School Park between 8:00am – 12:00pm or from 2:00pm – 3:00pm to join the contest. Judging will take place at 3:30pm. Take your pumpkins home that evening at 6:30pm and you can still enjoy them in your home for Halloween!

More Reasons to Attend Oktoberfest

Food and drinks provided on a donation basis!
Donations are accepted to help cover the cost of food and drink, but are not required. 

Live music in the Log School Park Pavilion!
Enjoy live music from the Das Half Pint German Band and the Al Kaly Shriner German Band.

The Log School Park will be decorated for Halloween!
Come out and enjoy the decorations while eating and enjoying live music and good company.

Join the Carved Pumpkin Contest!
How many families in the Forest carve pumpkins that nobody sees?
Bring your carved pumpkins and we will use them to help decorate the Log School Park area. It will be fun to see the carved pumpkin creations shared from families in our Black Forest Community. In addition, we will be having a Carved Pumpkin Contest for both kids AND adults!

Trunk or Treat Group


Saturday, October 30th

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Black Forest Community Center Backyard Area

After enjoying good food and good company at the Oktoberfest celebration, head over to the Backyard for the the Black Forest Community Trunk-Or-Treat. In 2020, the Black Forest Community Trunk-Or-Treat was a tremendous success and we would like to thank the Black Forest Community Club for hosting the event in the Backyard Area of the Community Center again this year.

During the Trunk-Or-Treat, families open their trunks or the backs of their vehicles and pass out candy or prizes. Families can decorate their trunks and kids can show off their Halloween costumes. Last year, we heard from many families that they really enjoyed the opportunity to pass out candy and see kids in costume, especially since we do not get many (or any) trick-or-treaters in the Black Forest.

We will have Halloween music playing in the Backyard for a really festive Trunk-or-Treat!

Face coverings are encouraged to be incorporated into the kids’ costumes; however, this is an outdoor event and face coverings are not required.

We look forward to bringing joy to kids and families in our community at this FREE event.

R&R Cafe Final Sized
Louie's Pizza

Thank you to R&R Coffeehouse & Cafe and to Louie’s Pizza! These two local businesses are donating products, supplies, and services to the Oktoberfest and Trunk-Or-Treat. We love our local Black Forest Businesses!

Thank you to our Trunks!

Rod and Tiffany Coles and Family
Dublin Modern Dentistry
Zumba in the Forest
Sean’s Shire Creations
The Miller Family
The Lewis Family
The Balcerzak Family
The Kruger Family
The Wade/Redus Family
El Paso County Sheriff’s Office
The Cooper Family
Boy Scount Troop 70 – Black Forest
The Gibb Family
The Slojkowski Family
Jesse, Laura and Kayla James
Michael Turner with RE/MAX
Erin Gibson (2 Trunks!)
The Krol Family
Jordan’s Pack Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, LLC
The Coppock Family
The Peloquin and Anderson Families
Harris Family
Sterner Family
Jolene, Dan, and Audrey Johnson
Father and Son Garage Door Company

A very special Thank You! to Michael Turner for the generous candy donation in addition to hosting a trunk.

Interested In Participating?

The Oktoberfest and Trunk-Or-Treat are free community events, hosted by the non-profit Black Forest Community Club. We welcome donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses to help underwrite some of the costs.
This event cannot take place without the support of our community.

There are several ways to participate in the Black Forest Community Trunk-Or-Treat and/or Oktoberfest.

1. We need trunks! We need families, businesses, and organizations to sign-up to host a trunk and provide candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters. If you can decorate your vehicle, it adds to the fun (however, decorating is not required). Please pre-register your vehicle via the link below so we can plan the spacing.

2. We need donations! We need donations of candy, or donations of money to buy candy, to help supplement those that volunteer to host a trunk. Candy donations can be dropped off at the Black Forest Community Center – just look for the Candy Donation Box!  If you are a business, organization, or individual that would like to make a financial donation to purchase candy, donations can be made online via PayPal through the link below.

3. We need Halloween decorations for the Log School Park and help with decorating! Decorations will only be out on Saturday, October 30th so you can bring your decorations in the morning and help decorate and pick up your decorations when Oktoberfest ends at 6:30pm. We will be decorating the Log School Park from 8am – 12pm on Saturday, October 30th. Please sign up through the link below to let us know if you plan to bring decorations and/or help decorate.

4. We need volunteers!* We need all the help we can get to put on both the Oktoberfest and the Community Trunk-or-Treat. If you are interested in joining our awesome volunteer team, please sign up through the link below.

*Any time spent volunteering can be applied as community service hours for any youth organizations, or other organizations, that need to gather community service hours. Documentation will be supplied via email following the event.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! It is free to attend both events; in fact, the food and drinks we are serving are free, although donations are accepted to help cover the cost of the food and drink.

We are not able to serve beer or any alcohol at the Oktoberfest as we do not have a liquor license for this event. Please join us for hot cider, hot chocolate, and coffee.

Unfortunately, we have to ask that pets are left at home. We do not have insurance to cover pets on the Black Forest Community property. The Backyard Farmers Market, which also takes place on the property, does allows dogs; however, those are separately managed events and the Market Managers have purchased pet insurance for the Farmers Markets. The Black Forest Community Club does not carry pet insurance for events they host at the Community Center.

Yes! These events are family-friendly. We respectfully request that all decorations and costumes are not gory or displaying violence. However, there will be some scary decoration items including witches, ghosts, bats, and spiders.

There will not be parking in the Black Forest Community Center parking lot as it will be used for the Oktoberfest. Parking will be on the street and we are working on a few additional parking options at local church parking lots.  

It all starts in the Black Forest Community Center Parking Lot! Last year, the entrance to the Trunk-Or-Treat was along Black Forest Road (where the entrance to the Backyard Farmers Market is). Due to safety considerations, this year we are starting the Trunk-Or-Treat at the back of the Community Center and winding through the Backyard Area from there.

We had so much fun during 2020 Black Forest Community Trunk-Or-Treat!

Need some inspiration for a trunk?

Want to Host a Trunk, Donate, or Volunteer?