We Are Black Forest

Black Forest, Colorado

Welcome to the Black Forest Community

The Black Forest is named such for the high density of Ponderosa Pines located in the area. There is evidence that the Black Forest area was occupied by Native Americans at least 800 years ago; the dense Ponderosa Pines provided them with protection, fuel, and timber.

When American pioneers began to settle the region in the late 1850s the Black Forest became an important center of activity, primarily as a source of scarce timber. Although lumbering continued sporadically through the 1950s, farming and ranching had become the dominant activities by the 1880s. A wide variety of crops was raised, including cattle, sheep, alfalfa, wheat, corn, hay and beans. Potatoes, however, were the agricultural product for which the Black Forest area became most renowned. The drought of the 1920s and the Depression of the 1930s combined to eliminate most types of agriculture in the planning area. By the 1920s the area was mostly consolidated into large ranches. Some of these remain today.

The Black Forest Preservation Plan was developed in 1974. Although some newer suburban subdivisions have been created within the boundariesĀ  of Black Forest such as Flying Horse Ranch, the community of Black Forest still retains a rural image and legacy. Some of this legacy is in the form of remaining historic sites and structures.*
**Source: the Black Forest Preservation Plan

Black Forest Festival 2022

Can you believe that planning has already started for the 2022 Black Forest Festival? It takes a lot of community effort to plan the Black Forest Festival andĀ all the activities around the festival.

If you are interested in becoming part of the volunteer team, please send an email to WeAreBlackForestCO@gmail.com. We need additional volunteers to help keep this Black Forest tradition alive.


Demonstration Gardens

This year, the Black Forest Community Center and a team of volunteers took on an ambitious new project and brought another feature to our Backyard with a Demonstration Garden

Many people in the Black Forest have trouble gardening in our high altitude, climate, and animals. This demonstration garden is designed to help you create your own successful garden space here in Black Forest.

Keeper of the Keys

A new Keeper of the Keys for 2020 has been announced! The tradition of the Keeper of the Keys began in the Black Forest in 1960 to honor members of the community for their service to the Black Forest. We are pleased to honor Shari and Rob Conley as the 2020 Black Forest Keepers of the Keys.

Black Forest Community Club

The Black Forest Community Club was chartered in 1929 as a social organization for families living in the Black Forest north of Colorado Springs. The club occupies a unique, community-built log building at the corner of Black Forest and Shoup Roads that is over 80 years old. The club has been the site of many events over the years including Black Rose Society concerts and many local clubs. The club also sponsors Boy Scout Troop 70 and Cub Scout Pack 70.

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