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Black Forest, Colorado

Established 1870

Welcome to the Black Forest Community

The Black Forest is named such for the high density of Ponderosa Pines located in the area. There is evidence that the Black Forest area was occupied by Native Americans at least 800 years ago; the dense Ponderosa Pines provided them with protection, fuel, and timber.

When American pioneers began to settle the region in the late 1850s, the Black Forest became an important center of activity, primarily as a source of scarce timber. The first of what would be several dozen sawmills was constructed in 1860. General Palmer was the first major landowner of Black Forest when he established the Colorado Pinery Trust in 1870, and  purchased 43,000 acres in the area.*

The Black Forest Preservation Plan was developed in 1974. Although some newer suburban subdivisions have been created within the boundaries  of Black Forest such as Flying Horse Ranch, the community of Black Forest still retains a rural image and legacy. Some of this legacy is in the form of remaining historic sites and structures.**

*Source: Wikipedia
**Source: the Black Forest Preservation Plan

Black Forest Community Calendar

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We Are Black Forest

We Are Black Forest is a volunteer effort, sponsored and supported by the Black Forest Community Club, to promote community in the Black Forest through free activities and events, including the Black Forest Festival & More.

Upcoming Events & Information

Black Forest Autumn Harvest Cook-Off

Please join your Black Forest friends and neighbors for the first-ever Black Forest Autumn Harvest Cook-off on Saturday, September 23 at 5:00pm at the Black Forest Community Center.

Please make something from ingredients harvested from your garden and bring your dish to show off and share with your friends and neighbors.

Want a few ideas? Zucchini bread made from zucchini grown in your garden, Green Bean Casserole using green beans from your garden, Caprese Salad or Bruschetta using tomatoes and basil grown in your garden, etc. Let your imagination run wild!

We look forward to having our community gather to celebrate the Autumn Harvest.

Black Forest Community Club

The Black Forest Community Club (BFCC) was chartered in 1929 as a social organization for families living in the Black Forest north of Colorado Springs. The club occupies a unique, community-built log building at the corner of Black Forest and Shoup Roads that is over 80 years old. This building, the Black Forest Community Center, is home to many of the events organized by the We Are Black Forest volunteer team.

The Black Forest Community Center also hosts the Black Rose Society concerts and many local clubs. The BFCC sponsors Boy Scout Troop 70 and Cub Scout Pack 70. 

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