Corona Outhouse Pageant

Black Forest Festival 2020

For the first time ever we are hosting a Corona Outhouse Pageant during the Black Forest Festival. The Corona Outhouse Pageant will take place immediately following the parade and is not a race, but rather an opportunity for members of our community to showcase what they created from supplies around their home  and property while under “Stay At Home” and “Safer at Home” orders due to the Coronavirus.

The following are the rules for the Corona Outhouse Pageant. Please make sure to sign up to participate so we know you will be there!

  1. Free Entry
  2. To be constructed and conveyed on festival day by Members of your Household
  3. Age Categories:
    1. 11 years old and under
    2. 12 – 20 years old
    3. 21 and up!
    4. Family Unit
  4. Design Specification:
    1. Looks like an Outhouse
    2. Materials: found in your home, barn, woodshed, on your property
    3. Conveyance: Able to move down the road (ex. by foot – think Flintstones, wheels, broomsticks, tree branches, skateboards, roller skates, etc – whatever you can improvise using materials found at your home)
  5. Trophies Awarded for:
    1. Most Creative
    2. Most Beautiful
    3. Best Engineered