2022 Black Forest Keepers of the Keys

Nominations Now Open

The tradition of “Keeper of the Keys of the Forest” was started in 1960 to honor members of the community for their service to Black Forest.

We continue to honor the tradition of the Keeper of the Keys with the annual selection of a Black Forest resident that is active in promoting and preserving the seven keys that make the Black Forest special. The ‘Keys’ represent the things we hold most dear to our life in the Black Forest:

    • Storms and Blue Skies
    • The Changing Beauty of the Trees and Meadows
    • The Storehouse of Wildflowers
    • Birdsongs and Music of the Waters
    • Squirrel Nests and Small Animal Homes
    • Deer Trails and Antelope Playgrounds
    • The Spirit of Neighborliness

Our Black Forest “Keepers” grow Strong Community Roots!  The Keepers as a group represent much of what the Black Forest community is today – not only caring for the beauty of the environment, but the human community living here.

 “Keepers have brought enthusiasm and talent, organizational and analytical skills, social awareness, kindness and perspective…”
(Black Forest News, 8/2/2007).

Keeper of the Keys Eligibility

Candidates must have been a Resident of Black Forest for at least 10 years and demonstrated significant volunteer service in activities that enhance the quality of life in the Black Forest. This could be community, environmental, lifestyle, or educational.  

The person(s) elected as the next Keeper of the Keys will be recognized during the Black Forest Festival Parade on Saturday, August 13, 2022.  

The new Keeper(s), Counselors, and other Finalists will also be honored during the Keepers of the Keys Picnic Dinner on August 28, 2022. 

Nominees must be available to participate in both the parade and the dinner (August 13 and August 28, 2022).

How to Nominate a Candidate

Nominations open July 6th and must be received by July 20th, 2022. 

Please nominate your candidate in writing, including:

  • A short biography
  • A photo (separate .jpg)
  • A clear statement of their volunteer community service, along with the reasons for your nomination.
  • Please include the nominee’s contact information.
  • The letter must be signed by the nominator, and should include the nominator’s phone number and email address in case of a question. 

Please send hardcopy nominations to the Black Forest Community Club, PO Box 88034, Black Forest, CO 80908, Attn: Keeper Committee.

Nominations can also be submitted via email to weareblackforestCO@gmail.com

Selection of Finalists

A committee of past Keeper of the Keys will select six finalists from the nominations based on the depth of the nominees’ volunteer service to the Black Forest community.  These selections will be determined between July 21st and July 26th.

Finalists will be published in the August issue of the BFCC newsletter, and will also be included in the Black Forest Festival Newsletter. You will also find finalists posted on the WeAreBlackForest.com website at: https://weareblackforest.com/keeper-of-the-keys-2022/, and posted to the to the Black Forest Festival Facebook page, and the Black Forest Community Facebook group

How to Vote

Voting on the nominees will begin on July 27th.  All votes must be received no later than August 10th, 2022. 

All residents of Black Forest aged 18 and up can vote one time in one of three ways:

  • By filling out a ballot in person at a Thursday Night Concert in the Log School Park on July 28 or August 4, from 5:30 P.M. to dark.
  • By mailing a ballot to the BFCC, PO Box 88034, Black Forest, CO 80908, Attn: Keeper Committee.

Remember to NOMINATE between July 6th - July 20th and VOTE between July 27th and August 10th!

Past Black Forest Keeper of the Keys

1960 – Wayne Rusk

1961 – Dick Humphrey

1962 – Mrs. John (Ada) Burrows

1963 – Roy McPherson

1964 – Jack Grier

1965 – Howard Carver

1966 – Earl Thiebaud

1967 – Bud Danford

1986 – Anna Mae Hawkins

1987 – Woodson “Chief” Tyree

1988 – Pat Stoll

1989 – Mary Bush

1990 – Imelda Evans

1991 – Elinor Hannasch

1992 – Ove Lundgren

1993 – Tom and Pam Devereux

1994 – Ruth Ann Steele

1995 – Phil and Barbara Hosmer

1996 – Nick and Margaret Natelli

1997 – Orville and Marge Havens

1998 – Judy Von Ahlefeldt

1999 – Jerry Alin and John Hartley

2000 – Fred Kibler and Betty Kyle

2001 – Betty Griffin

2002 – Norm and Carrie Robertson

2003 – Dorothie Munson Ingram

2004 – Iris “Ike” Mosgrove

2005 – Ron and Rosanne Brown

2006 – Annah Mitchener

2007 – Jim and Lavonne Hidy

2008 – Jim and Carolyn Brown

2009 – Joan and Ed Bracken

2010 – James and Myra Woodruff

2011- Mary Metcalf

2012 – Nick Kneebone

2013 – Bill and Susan Buckman

2014 – Ray and Lin Rozak

2015 – Joe Wetmore

2016 – Leif Garrison

2017 – Terry Stokka

2018 – Don Root

2019 – BFCC 90th Anniversary, All Past Keepers

2020 – Shari and Rob Conley

2021 – All Black Forest Heritage Families